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HBO Hall of Fame

Posted in General on January 31, 2006 by Steve

In Order;

1) – The Sopranos. Hands down the best TV programme ever.
2) – Deadwood. Ian McShane in particular. On yirsel’, Lovejoy!
3) – Carnivale. Brilliant 1st series. Can’t wait for the 2nd.
4) – Rome. Brilliantly cast, but the 1st series didn’t quite reach its potential.
5) – Curb Your Enthusiasm. Hysterical, infinitely better than Seinfeld.
6) – The Wire. Doesn’t get the credit it deserves.
7) – Six Feet Under. Gets a wee bit more praise than it deserves. Still excellent, though.
8) – Extras. Funny, even though Ricky Gervais needs a slap.
9) – The Ali G Show. Tired and childish to these jaded eyes, but still gets the odd laugh.
10) – Entourage. At least it’s not the OC.

Last) – Sex and the City. One of the worst TV programmes ever. Unadulterated (pun intended) pish.

Coincidentally, like Friends, it seems to be watched by women just because they feel that they should. A group of vacuous, materialistic airheads acting like gay men ain’t feminism, ladies. Rant over.


The best thing about doing a ‘blog

Posted in General on January 31, 2006 by Steve

Is doing it at work, on company time. Fight the power!


Posted in General on January 31, 2006 by Steve

Bought the DVD set of the first series and watched it in a weekend (hence, no ‘blog).

Needless to say, I recommend it. Classic HBO drama, set in Depression-era USA. Religious fundamentalism and the occult, good versus evil. Top drawer. My ma wouldn’t like it because “it’s all filmed in the dark”, but that’s about the only criticism I can think of.

The title sequence is similar in style to the excellent series Deadwood and Rome (also HBO) but, apart from the excellence of those (and other HBO) shows, it’s not like anything else.

The Legend approves, if that means anything.

I Don’t Like Fridays

Posted in General on January 28, 2006 by Steve

Got dragged out by The Stooge last night, against my better judgement. Friday night in glamorous Galashiels is a ned-fest. Besides, the telly’s pretty good on Friday.

Had been down to see the band run through their set at practice and they made some live recordings of the new material that were, frankly, astonishing. I invited The Stooge and Tomniblob up with a carry-out to avoid the whole going out in public thing. Besides, The Legend was on an early shift the next day.

Somehow, The Stooge persuaded me to go out about 1am. His tactic of whining like a small child started to get on my man-tits, so I agreed. A whole pile of hassle, culminating in him trying to fight somebody from Lithuania, then waking The Legend at 3am as a “joke”, ensued.

The Stooge shouldn’t drink. Talk about a downer to end what was a brilliant night. Got to bed about 5am.


Posted in General on January 27, 2006 by Steve

Right, I’ve administered some electric shock treatments to myself.

France’s best players are old. Many will retire after the WC anyway.
We ran Italy close in the WCQ last year. Their star players don’t respond well to pressure.
If we can mark Shevchenko, we can stop Ukraine playing.
Georgia’s best player is R***ers reject Shota Arveladze.
Lithuania are poor, their best player is the Hearts donkey Jankauskas.
The Faroes are part-time fishermen.

‘Mon the Scotland! Stick the boot in! Heedfirst! etc.


Posted in General on January 27, 2006 by Steve

Scotland’s group for the Euro 2008 QC; France, Italy, Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, Faroes.

We’re fucked.

The first three could well beat us home and away.
We’ve never played Georgia, but Lithuania have beaten us in Vilnius recently.
The Faroes are the whipping boys, but we failed to beat them away the last time.
Far be it from me to piss on our chances now, but third place would be overachievement.
Ukraine are one of the emerging powers, and they have Sheva.

There is no way we can qualify, short of a couple of plane crashes.
Then again, I wouldn’t fancy us against the French or Italian second string.
I want ma mammy.

MP3 Madness

Posted in General on January 27, 2006 by Steve

Finally cut my losses with the ipod shuffle. Got a Creative Zen Nano player instead.

No problems whatsoever. Is there a moral to this story?

Of course there is; don’t be a wanker and buy overpriced pish that doesn’t work, just because it looks nice.

At least until the next time.