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Interesting WC article.

Posted in General on March 31, 2006 by Steve

Mike Gibbons WC article

Talks about England’s inability to win against the “big four” of Brazil, Argentina, Italy and Germany. Interesting stuff.



Posted in General on March 31, 2006 by Steve

Was a cup of tea and various painkillers.
No respite today, either.
The works night out.
Hangover tomorrow, then…


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…full of young cunts, or otherwise, they’re better without the smoke.
Fuck the smokers.
They’re the whiny maggots, after all.
Spoilt bairns.

This is the End?

Posted in General on March 31, 2006 by Steve

This’ll be another insight into my screwed up little mind. Went out, had a sociable enough night, enjoyed the comedians. Company of friends, but it now seems like nothing to me. I’m thirty years old and the agendas of others are something I’ll never come to terms with. Oh, I understand them and can relate to them. The need to get laid; shagging is fun, and there’s the whole species repopulation instinct, but at the expense of dignity? Fuck that. The need to show off (whatever excruciating form the showing off might take); to be loved and admired and distract the lovers and admirers from the obvious self-loathing that the show off feels in himself. To drown oneself in intoxicants and to damn the consequences. Grown men acting like (fat) teenagers and blot out any sense of intellect or emotional attachment. Why be like those young cunts, anyway? Insecure balls of inadequacy, wrapped up in laughable bravado masquerading as belief and confidence. There was a book once that said; you can’t spell believe without LIE. Youth is nothing to be coveted or chased. Sometimes, I feel like the only one who sees that, the weirdest excuse for a human being in the world. Other times, like now, I realise that I’m right to be like this.

Another Comedy Night

Posted in General on March 29, 2006 by Steve

Oh, joy…
The Stooge, Tomniblob and possibly The Chairman.
In the same room.
With drink.
The Legend will see to that.
The (possible) new bass player isn’t answering his phone.
Just like the last two.
Haha! Funny…

Years v Mileage

Posted in General on March 28, 2006 by Steve

Discussion about how I can’ afford to keep tanning it, due to feeling unwell. Worries about my long-term health, the usual. Totally depressed by the thought that I’m past it. Can’t understand what I’ve done to be so old, so soon. Then I remembered…

The last fifteen years.

That’s that cleared up, then.

Women’s Football

Posted in General on March 26, 2006 by Steve

Watched the first half of England v France. Best atmosphere Ewood Park’s seen in a while. That’s not saying much, as Blackburn play there. The standard was OK, but it didn’t stop me turning over to Everyone Hates Chris on Channel 5. The constant air-horns didn’t help much, but it’s better than hearing the players, I suppose. This is going to come over as sexist, but it’s true. I watched the England v New Zealand hockey match at the Commonwealth games and the shouting coming from the players was horrendous. About five minutes of unbearable screaming and hollering later, I worked out what it sounded like. Howler monkeys. Not pleasant, though the monkeys had slightly hairier legs then the New Zealanders…