WCF’s – Groups A and B

The Germans looked good going forward, but terrible defensively. That said, they were easier winners over Costa Rica than the 4-2 scoreline suggested. The Polish fans were amazing, but their team was terrible; Ecuador probably just deserved the 2-0 win, despite the Poles hitting the woodwork twice late on. I don’t think the group is dead yet, as the Poles have the attacking talent (and historical motivation) to have a real go at Germany, whilst Costa Rica have nothing to fear from Ecuador. That said, the two winners must be favourites to qualify. England were awful for most of the Paraguay match, an early own goal giving them a 1-0 win, but Paraguay were poor as well. Santa Cruz’s decision to declare himself fit probably lost them the game, despite Sven’s best efforts to mess it up. His substitutions were all over the shop; taking Owen off for Downing could’ve worked, if he’d allowed Cole or Gerrard to move up front. Crouch was thirty yards from a teammate the whole last half hour. Then, after moving Cole into a position that made him ineffective, he hauls him off ten minutes later for Hargreaves (a defensive midfielder). WTF? Is he that afraid to take off Gerrard (tired), Beckham (ditto) or Lampard (quiet), in case the media give him a hard time? Newsflash Sven, they will anyway. Just a poor coaching performance. His blaming of the lack of striker depth, the tiredness of the players and the general performance after the match was typical of the man’s Machiavellian spin over the last six years. All of those factors are his fault. Unbelievable. Trinidad and Tobago excelled keeping Sweden at bay in their 0-0 draw. Great result for England. In truth, the Swedes should’ve had four or five, as they dominated. At least now they know they’ll have to beat England in the last match.


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