WCF’s – Groups C and D (Match 2)

What can I say about Argentina? Wow! The Serbia defence conceded one goal in ten qualifiers (away to Spain) and qualified top of their group by a mile. The Argies slaughtered them, it was six, going on ten. The computer system at work broke down just in time for me to watch the match (and get paid for it) on their widescreen telly. Good news, though the widescreen didn’t flatter Diego (in the crowd). Holland looked like they were motoring as well, going two up on the Ivory Coast early on, but Kone’s strike got them back in it and the second half was uncomfortable for the Dutch, who at least are sure of a place in the next round. It’ll be interesting to see how the final match in the group (Argentina – Holland) goes now. Mexico struggled without Borgetti and only managed a 0-0 draw with Angola, who played the last ten minutes a man down. Angola have already surpassed expectations with their first two performances. A goal (or a win) in the last game would be icing on the cake. That will be against Iran, who lost 2-0 to qualifiers Portugal. In truth, Iran offered next to nothing against a side that, for all it’s talent, has no stomach for a fight. I still expect Mexico to join Portugal in the last sixteen, but neither is a contender to go much further, on current form.


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