WCF’s – Groups E and F (Match 2)

Italy versus the USA was, frankly, a bloodbath. De Rossi’s elbow was disgraceful and the Italians, despite finishing with ten men to the Yanks’ nine, deserved no more than a draw. Group D, after impressive initial showings by the favourites, was blown open at the weekend. Ghana‘s 2-0 win over the Czech Republic was also well merited. The Czechs miss Koller; the donkey they put in his place was abysmal and their star-studded midfield (who, like missing striker Baros, rely on the big man for knockdowns) were overran by the Black Stars. My tip for stardom, Gyan, scored the opener, missed a vital penalty and got booked. Nice arrival! Muntari was also excellent, as I’d hoped he would be. Japan and Croatia conspired to somehow draw 0-0. My tip, Klasnic, had a great match and, on another day, would’ve had a hat-trick. The Japanese keeper made a fantastic penalty save but they’re out now, unless they beat Brazil (unlikely). The champions huffed and puffed to a 2-0 victory over an, erm… robust Australia side. There have been a lot of matches in this tournament with an early and late goal, strangely (both 2-0’s and 1-1’s), perhaps the conditions are more testing than first thought. The match between Croatia and Australia will be huge, and it’s too close to call.


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