WCF’s – Groups C and D (Match 3)

These simultaneous kick-offs don’t help, you know! It seems anyway that, should a side wish to gain some small advantage, they can delay their match long enough to get a ten minute jump on their rivals if need be. Argentina consolidated top spot in their group with a goalless draw with fellow qualifiers Holland. Good stuff in places, but neither side really pushed for the win. Ivory Coast came back from two down to beat Serbia 3-2. A creditable performance, the Ivorians would’ve been in the knockout stages, had they been in Group A or B. The Serbs, despite not playing too badly, lost ten goals in three matches. They conceded one in ten qualifiers. Them’s the breaks… Holland will play the winners of Group D, Portugal, who won all three matches. They still look soft and were lucky to beat ten-man Mexico 2-1. Mexico look lost without the injured Borgetti and could get slaughtered by Argentina in the second round. I think the Dutch are good enough to beat the Portuguese and then England in the last eight. Iran and Angola drew 1-1 in the final match, which saw the Angolans emerge from their first Finals with much credit. Iran were competitive themselves, without really threatening to qualify for the second stage.


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