Shame on You…

… for missing an incendiary omniblob gig in Edinburgh tonight. Belgian plodders Steelyeard Blues are currently boring the collective tits off the remainder of their dwindling audience. It’s not their fault, except for the fact they insisted on headlining, following the main attraction. Steelyard Blues’ bassist, in between trying to paedo omniblob’s bass player, couldn’t believe how omniblob could put so much energy into such a low-profile gig. I told him that omniblob play the same way in front of ten people, as they would in front of one hundred thousand. He couldn’t understand it, and that’s why they will always disappoint and fail. Oh well, they’re into bad Led Zeppelin covers already. If omniblob play half as well in their upcoming gigs as they did tonight, they’re going to blow the shit out of their (as yet, unsuspecting) audience of Deacon Blue fans. God, I’m such a zealot…


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