Too Old…

…for this shit. Can’t stomach the thought of another night out in Galashiels with The Legend, Tomniblob and The Stooge. Going out in Gala is the only thing The Stooge cares about; then again, he’s closer to thirty than twenty and still lives with his mum. He’s cried off next week’s gig (a sacking offence) and tried to take the moral high ground, just a staggering bit of hypocrisy. Tomniblob needs to get his head out of his arse, as well, and decide what it is he wants from life, given the responsibilities he’s taken on already. The Legend is just happy to have some willing participants / enablers / witnesses as he continues on his merry way towards self-destruction. The Chairman‘s decision to get out is looking more sane every day. I can’t do this any more; my problems taking a constant back seat to those of others (The Legend an honourable exception). If there was any hope of the situation getting better, things would be fine, but there’s not. Either the band doesn’t make it, and they get more bitter and frustrated, or they do make it. The band; complete with free drugs, and a load of people telling them what they want to hear. Fabulous.


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