Another piece of genius in adversity. Terrible sound (the cruse of festivals since time immemorial), a stage made from BT pallets that sloped like Alpe D’Huez in July. Drunks vomiting on themselves as they lay on the floor, pushing stones up their nostrils. First couple of bars, and Facts (for it is he!) turns round to see why his amp has failed, knocking his mike stand over with his arse in the process (those leather trousers may indeed be an unwise investment, eh Jim?). The Legend saves the day by fixing things and the band (complete with stand-in drummer) plough through set opener Seven. Tomniblob picks up his guitar for second song, Gone Insane and it fails completely, leading to a three minute drum and bass solo before things get going again. The gig builds a momentum from sources unknown and the crowd (mainly metallers, freaks and emos) get it. By the climactic Endle Gaze Fanatic, dancing had broken out and the cds were gone in two minutes flat. Superb performance against all odds. Set as follows;

Gone Insane
Pretty Special Thing
Tightrope Suicide
Kid Collision
Day Away
Endle Gaze Fanatic

The crowd even stopped vomiting.


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