More Classic Legend (from the archives)

The Legend‘s period of nurse training in Aberdeen was auspicious to say the least. Way too many stories to tell in one sitting. During the early lecture period was an anatomy class which, naturally, included a section on the female reproductive organs. The lecturer kindly informed the small number of male students of the exact location of the clitoris. Silence descended upon the packed auditorium until The Legend shouted with a voice Odin himself would have cowered under in terror;

“Christ, all this time I’ve been licking the pee-hole”.

Dear reader, this was by no means The Legend‘s genital nadir during his time in the frozen north. That came during his placement on the maternity ward, where The Legend was invited by his tutor thus;

“Would you like to touch the cervix?”

To which The Legend replied;

“Well, this’ll be the only time I’ll ever get that far up.”

The reaction of the patient was never reliably reported, dear reader.


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