Rest in Peace

Alan “Fluff” Freeman, a thouroughly nice chap, passed on today. This is hot on the heels of director Robert Altman, most famous for the excellent film version of MASH. Both will be sorely missed by their many fans and loved ones.

What I’m about to say may seem sick, but bear with me…

I’m in an online celebrity death pool for 2006 and had both of the above, as well as film legend Jack Palance (dead), ska legend Desmond Dekker (ditto) and Michael Jackson (one correct jury verdict away). Dunno if anyone else has four from five (once someone in the pool picks a celebrity, they’re claimed and cannot be picked by anyone else). One of my mates had George Best, crocodile hunter Steve Irwin and South African facist PW Botha, so I suppose its possible. Another mate had Billy Preston that played on “Get Back” with the Beatles, but he had the remaining two Beatles as well. He’s probably not in the running now, unless something bad happens around Christmas. He also had Cliff Richard, because hope is everything.

The Legend isn’t in on this game, he thinks it’s sick (!)

But there’s cash on the line here!


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