Here we go again…

The previous entries have been more than justified by last night’s putrid showing. Hibs were well worth their win, depsite playing poorly. That’s how bad Aberdeen are; dodgy keeper, back line devoid of confidence, a mis-shapen midfield that never seems to be at the races and unfit, disinterested attackers. Oh, and nothing on the bench.

The talent is there, if only to compete for third or fourth spot but the fact remains; under Calderwood, every big match (cup games, important league matches, tv games and / or large crowds) has resulted in a dismal performance and a bad result. The time for investment is here, if only because the field is so poor that some success is possible. Then again, AFC are well known for failing to grasp the nettle, shrewd investment at certain points over the last thirty years would’ve made Aberdeen major players. But that would’ve cost money, or cut the power and prestige held by the men making the decisions. No chance, then.

I’m still in shock. If Hibernian’s want-away players (with their supposed lack of commitment) can totally dominate the fourth highest paid squad in the country, what hope is there?

I’d still like to thank Goldielocks for buying my ticket as a birthday gift, though…


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