Is Christopher Hitchens the Antichrist?

The question needs to be asked. He was debating Billy Bragg on some (surprisingly good, for ITV) Sunday lunchtime show.

It’s always been too easy to dsmiss him as a Neo-Con mouthpiece but; in between the slick technique, dirty tricks and arrogance, I got the sense he actually was sincere in his beliefs.

There was a great scene in The West Wing when Josh confronts his gay Congressman friend and asks him out loud how he could be a Republican and associate with those that hate him so much.

It looked like Bragg was having the same thoughts, in between supressing the urge to lamp him (Bragg loses the ragg!!!).

Never mind, Bill. You wrote “New England“.

Hitchens looks like a cross between Andrew LLoyd Webber and Baron Silas Greenback from “Dangermouse“.

Fight the Power!


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