He’s at it again…

… another superb Christopher Hitchens article in todays Times. He has a new book out, slagging God and all religions.

No change there, then. Can’t find the link, so here’s the recent NY Times article (much the same thing).

God is not Great

Regular readers of this blog (hi, Dad!) will know I disagree with Hitchens and his quasi-fascist brother Peter, but their writing always provokes thought and debate, which, in decent society, is always the fucking point. Christopher Hitchens’ book on Henry Kissinger is awesome, are his (factually correct) hatchet jobs on Princess Di and mother Theresa. A good link is below;

Hitchens Web

Many of his former allies say the old Trotskyite Hitchens died on the 11th of September 2001, and he was always prone to flawed outbursts and arsehole behaviour (particularly when drinking, which was, and is, all the time), but its a voice that should always be heard, if only to confirm one’s own beliefs and discount his.


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