Life Advice (an occasional series)

At one point in every man’s life, he’ll meet a woman different to all others. She’ll like the same bands as him. In fact, her taste in music will be impeccable; all the same bands he likes, the same albums owned, she’ll even go to gigs regularly. What a fucking moment!

It’ll feel like he’s found his soul mate. Someone who he can be with, in every way. Nights out are hard work, but fun. He can’t believe she’ll have as much an appetite for the high life; drink, sex, drugs and rock n’ roll as he does. Maybe she isn’t what he’d consider his type and the lifestyle means that she seems on edge, or maybe looks older than she actually is. But she’s his soul mate.

Fuck that. Find someone else. Put up with Dirty Dancing every couple of weeks. It’s for the best.

She’s insane.


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