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omniblob myspace stuff…

Posted in General on August 31, 2007 by Steve

…new song uploaded.

That is all.


The new book…

Posted in General on August 31, 2007 by Steve

…is a good idea, in theory.

So far.

Hey, don’t mock it.

It’s progress.

My recurring nightmare…

Posted in General on August 31, 2007 by Steve

…is appearing on Family Fortunes.

With my own family, natch.

Dreamt it again, last night.

Good Lord.

The horror.  The horror.

Caravaners must be killed (further evidence)

Posted in General on August 27, 2007 by Steve

Popped on the bus back from Edinburgh, the pain of having to buy another ticket on top of the unused return from yesterday (see below) stuck in my mind terribly. To the point that I neglected to take the precautionary pre-bus ride piss. By Gorebridge, it was bad. Really bad, but I was man enough to carry on. At Stow, I seriously considered getting off and using the public toilet. Indeed, had the bus company not had so much cash off me, I would’ve.

Ah, pride and misery are demanding mistresses.

Stow is only seven miles from Gala, so I decided to hold on. Needless to say, roadworks had popped up overnight, but I was confident of holding on. The motherless fuck in the caravan, however… It took ten minutes to get through the town. At one point, he was so slow, I could’ve got off the bus, walked up the lane of traffic and killed him as he sat there. The driver wouldn’t let me though. Besides, I’d probably have pished myself.

I was so desperate at the bus station that I willingly paid the thirty pence (!!!) to get in. I couldn’t get it all out in one go and my kidneys were killing me and, by the time I’d walked the mile home, I was desperate again.

Some readers may find this funny, fucking caravan driving bastards.

Porter and Watson

Posted in General on August 27, 2007 by Steve

The traditional, annual Sunday afternoon of Pleasance Courtyard Festival-related drinking was another resounding success. Myself and Goldielocks arrived, as it happens, several hours early (my bad, due to being a moron) and, making the best of the situation, got piled into the (ahem…) festivities. Goldielocks‘ star-spotting frenzy was sated by the sight of the legendary Les Dennis, desperately swanning back and forth trying not to be noticed, trying to be noticed. Please note, the above link is a gag. Les Dennis is not dead. Les Dennis will never die!

“Les, I’ve loved you since Catchphrase, mate!”

TV critic Charlie Brooker (last seen at the Stanhope gig) was doing similar. Making our way from the courtyard to the bar involved a quick chat with, and instigated by, Norman Lovett – a truly top bloke.

As stated earlier, I had got it into my head that the gig was at 6pm when, in fact, it was after 9pm. Needless to say, I was slagged shitless by my darling sister all afternoon (she claimed to have cancelled other precious social engagements, which I seriously doubt). To lessen the blow, I diverted her attention by spotting an old friend and headed off to find tickets for another gig. Fortunately, I was able to get us into Lucy Porter. The requisite amount of cheek and filth meant that any fears that her love-themed show would be too soppy were unfounded. See her; she’s funny, talented, beautiful and clearly unhinged. Then we will fight to the death for her love, mental illness that it is.

Mark Watson, the scheduled main event, as next. Similar to the Assembly Rooms double-header on Friday, we were required to leave the venue and start queuing to get back in, ending up in virtually identical seats. Watson was sitting in the audience (unnoticed) and burst into his bizarre Welsh style. I didn’t stop laughing at any point during the show, neither did anyone else. Possibly the funniest and definitely the most likeable comic I’ve ever seen.

See all four of the acts I’ve mentioned over the last couple of days, but especially Mark Watson.

James album “early next year”

Posted in General on August 25, 2007 by Steve

Interview from V Festival.

MySpace Page.

Do yourself a favour…

Boyle and Hall

Posted in General on August 25, 2007 by Steve

Both excellent.  Boyle’s set was a wee bit of a disappointment, due to having heard many of the gags on Mock the Week, or the numerous emails going round with the best jokes on them.  Very funny, though. Especially the internet-meeting of two of the crowd and the granny-shagging.

Hall was amazing.  Fewer one-liners and a gentler humour, everyone in the audience was on his side from the off.  Not confrontational like Boyle (hardly any Bush gags), his barbs at audience members were also, well… nicer.  Then, when he accused an audience member of being blind, only to find out he wasn’t looking at Hall because he was blind, there was uproar.   It took a while for Hall, the supreme improviser, to regain his patter, but it was hysterical.  The bit about going to Auburn University to talk about rocket science and frightening the taxi driver was immense.  The man is a total fucking comedy God and should be worshipped as such.

See him, read his books.  Do it.