Yes, I know I need a life…

…but this has made me so angry!

The internet was, undoubtedly, invented for this sort of thing.

The top ten sexiest women in The Simpsons.

Total disgrace, the real winner came (ahem…) in at number 5.

Marge winning, I can accept, even though she’s overrated.

If only her nagging wasn’t so underrated.

(The faint-hearted shouldn’t open this link about women like Marge).

The above link is a genuine website!

Perhaps the internet should be banned.

Three guesses who told me about that site…

Marge! You have a fat, bald guy.

Be happy with it, you hit the jackpot!

Lu-Ann van Houten? The Duff Beer Girls? Stewards inquiry, methinks.

Don’t worry Edna, me and James Caan would still rattle you.


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