Gordon Strachan is going mad

Leaving aside the rights and wrongs of whatever happened at Pittodrie (I’m of the belief that if fans dish it out, they should take it back, rather than running to the polis, but I digress), there is no doubt the little wanker is losing the plot.

His interviews over the last year or so have been patronising and insulting; both towards the journalists asking the questions and the fans listening to the answers.  The defending of his teams various misdemeanours is embarrassing and he needs to get out of Glasgow before the job does him in.

The Chlamydia Bratislava debacle aside, which he can legitimately claim wasn’t down to him, he’s had no pressure.  Two strolls to the league title, two cups and progression to the last 16 of the European Cup (where nobody expected them to go further) and he’s sniping and picking fights.  What happens if he goes into the January game against R**gers in second place?  What if they lose?  Most of the fans, despite the success, want him out for not being one of their pathetic, whiny own.

Christ, they banjoed him when he played at Parkhead for the Dons, remember?

A sad end to the career of a great player who should maybe consider broadcasting as his future.  McLeish looks ten years younger than he did at R**gers, I think Strachan needs to get out before he loses his health, as well as his reputation.


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