Boyle and Hall

Both excellent.  Boyle’s set was a wee bit of a disappointment, due to having heard many of the gags on Mock the Week, or the numerous emails going round with the best jokes on them.  Very funny, though. Especially the internet-meeting of two of the crowd and the granny-shagging.

Hall was amazing.  Fewer one-liners and a gentler humour, everyone in the audience was on his side from the off.  Not confrontational like Boyle (hardly any Bush gags), his barbs at audience members were also, well… nicer.  Then, when he accused an audience member of being blind, only to find out he wasn’t looking at Hall because he was blind, there was uproar.   It took a while for Hall, the supreme improviser, to regain his patter, but it was hysterical.  The bit about going to Auburn University to talk about rocket science and frightening the taxi driver was immense.  The man is a total fucking comedy God and should be worshipped as such.

See him, read his books.  Do it.


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