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The new boxing superstar

Posted in General on September 30, 2007 by Steve

Just when you thought I had gone all political… Kelly Pavlik beats Jermain Taylor, as I predicted.

Pavlik is just what boxing needs. Along with the Aussie Michael Katsidis (watch his fight with Briton Graham Earl for proof) and, possibly, knock-out sensation Edwin Valero (we don’t know yet if his 100% KO record is a result of poor opposition yet), there are a new set of exciting, risk-taking fighters ready to make boxing exciting again. The sport has been in a lull recently and at risk from the new popularity of mixed martial arts (fighting in pajamas, I say) and the ridiculous UFC but these guys, along with the likes of the established Hatton and Calzaghe, make it possibly a good time to have a Setanta subscription.

On a related note, Mike Tyson is fucked. They should take him off his medication and do a reality TV show about him.


Dateline London, on BBC News 24

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One of my Sunday staples.  Just late enough to be civilised, but on before anything good.

Good God, Bernard Ingham is a cunt.  Can’t help liking him, though.  Unfortunately.

Then again, seeing as he loves nuclear power so much and hates wind farms, maybe we can build some sort of reactor next to his house?   Then blow it up?

Then ask the cunt about “winters of discontent“?

Interesting take on Burma situation.

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Kerry Brown, in Friday’s Guardian.

He wants to lead our country!

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From Hugh Muir’s Diary, Friday September 28, The Guardian;

“There has been so much unpleasantness surrounding Dame Shirley Porter and the gerrymandering scandal at Westminster council, and there were no winners. She was disgraced. Millions were squandered. Lives destroyed. We learn that, more than 20 years later, the matter is at an end. Scotland Yard confirms that, having explored allegations of perjury, it “will not investigate these matters further”. Now we need ideas for returning Dame Shirley to the apex of public life. Something to do with housing, maybe. Or electoral reform.

· She may wish to re-enter Tory politics – so much there to attract the floating voter. She might advise David Cameron on how to engage with minorities. For this would be the same David Cameron who encountered DJ Swami, the British Asian music producer, on a flight to Berlin the other day. They chatted, amicably it seemed, before the Tory leader returned to his reading: a Wikipedia page profiling Angela Merkel. What happened next is disputed. The musician, whose band (also called Swami) top the BBC Asian Network chart, claims that, as he walked away from the plane, he heard the Tory leader joshing about the person he had just met. “He said ‘They’re called Swami, ha, ha’,” the DJ told us. “I felt pretty hurt.” Mr Cameron strongly denies making disrespectful remarks, and it’s just as well. There are a lot of folk out there with exotic-sounding names. So many wouldn’t get the joke.”

More Boris than Tony, after all, eh David? You cunt.

Guess who?

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Ian Bell’s Saturday Essay.

It appears our battle will continue…

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…from New Labour, to old paranoia.

Wonder if I’ll get my fight now?

Some class, sophistication and culture…

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