Hatton v Mayweather

Been looking forward to the fight for a while. Normally, the build-up press conferences get on my nerves and, until yesterday, this was the same. Mayweather has been in Hatton’s face, talking smack. Now, I realise there’s a cultural thing, the young black American alpha-dog, but I find Mayweather’s patter a bit desperate. Hatton has stayed quiet and you can just tell he’s going to slap the shit out of him in the ring. Hatton snapped, yesterday, though, and said to the world’s consensus pfp champ;

“Floyd, stop touching my dick, you poof”.

Class. Unfortunately for Sky, they were covering the event live at the time. I think Hatton’s going to win. Like I said, Mayweather (Man Utd shirt, et al) comes across as a wee bit too keen to impress. We know Hatton can take the shots (and Floyd’s style isn’t one of all-out assault, anyway) and I can’t remember Mayweather being in a war with anyone. (Incidentally, that’s why I thought Cotto was the more exciting fight for Hatton).

If Floyd overcomes the fight Hatton will give him (and he definitely can), then he needs to be recognised as one of the all-time greats, but I can see him losing his cool and leaving his chin (or ribs, like Castillo) open. De la Hoya was past his best when he fought Mayweather and, like Shane Mosely before him, Floyd was exactly the wrong style for Oscar to have any success.

After the Kosta Tzsu fight, Hatton deserves our belief. I think he’ll win, and I’ll be watching. Here’s hoping for no more cock-touching.


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