Trouble in Rangoon

Just waiting for the bad news now.  Mark Thomas famously called the Burmese Junta (I can’t call them government) so dodgy “even the British wouldn’t sell them arms“.  Of course, it’s been all over the news that the revered Buddhist monks have led a massive (peaceful) demonstration on he streets.  Needless to say, the psychos in power have promised “reprisals”.  In 1988, that meant machine-gunning over 3,000 innocent people.  Still, good to know that our politicians are on the case, eh?  Georgie and Gordie have threatened to err… slap wrists?  Even that?  If only there was oil in Burma, we’d have been in years ago, “in the name of democracy“.

On a farcical note, U2 dedicated their 1999 song “Walk On” to opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.  As a result, owning the album is now a crime in Burma (there’s a joke in there somewhere, but I like the band, so I won’t make it).

Here is a list of companies currently known to be trading with this psychotic, oppressive regime.  Perhaps time for some boycotts?  Failing that, we could send them Geoffrey Boycott.  That’d serve the bastards right.


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