It’s just not right!

New Simpsons episode on Sky tonight. Grandpa Simpson has just pulled Marge’s sister Selma! That’s bad enough, but his chat up line?

“I was voted best kisser in my P.O.W. Camp.”

Aaaaarrrggghhh! Still, the main man rescued it. Part of Homer’s plan to split them up was to dress up like Zorro (tache, et al) and pose as mysterious Esteban de la Sexface (Homer – “that means Stephen of the Sexface“).

You just know I’ll be using that line tomorrow…

You knew at the end, that character would be used for some Homer-Marge love play. Indeed it was. When Estefan asked when “this Homer” would be back, Marge said “I don’t know, it could be any minute”, Estefan said “then I must flee”, before jumping out of the bedroom window, followed by an angry Homer entering, demanding to know where “this Estefan” was hiding. Superb!

Best new episode for years, the Lord of the Rings subplot was great, too.

Kudos, also, to Patty fantasising about Mrs Krabappel. She is a fox.


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