Overreaction to the result

Georgia deserved to win. They played some decent stuff.

The pitch is a poor excuse, given that it hampered the oppostion more.

I hope the young Georgian players continue to improve.

No outfield players get pass-marks. Gordon largely blameless.

The centre halves were OK, but the marking at the first goal? Sheesh.

Fullbacks; like England, Scotland seem to think anyone can come in and play the position.

Coincidentally, both sides lost. Hmmm, maybe a bad idea against international wingers?

Fletcher wasn’t up to it, due to being unfit. Pearson is limited.

Maloney was atrocious, but was left on as nobody was available to play on the right.

Strikers were well shackled, McFadden in particular.

Beattie might have scored, if he had a neck.

Fer**son should never play for Scotland again.

He cannot play against good opposition.

It’s a fallacy that international games allow more time on the ball.

Indeed, if technique is poor, you get no time whatsoever.

That little cunt plays like he’s 5-0 up at home to St Mirren, or some other shite.

Every fucking game. Name his last good game for Scotland?

I dare you.


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