State Opening of Parliament

As Black Rod (surely a porno star?) asks the Queen to officially open Parliament, an MP who shall remain nameless, can be clearly heard shouting;

“Who shot the harriers?”

Superb.  Last year it was “Is Helen Mirren on standby?”

Other famous ones; “Has she brought Camilla with her?” in 2005, “Tell her to read The Guardian!” in 2000 (they were running an anti-monarchy series at the time) and “Pay your taxes!” in 1992.

When not picking on Her Maj, Dennis, err, our unnamed MP for Bolsover has (in no particular order); called John Selwyn Gummer “a slimy wart” (1992), “The only thing that was growing then (referring to the 1980’s) were the lines of coke in front of Boy George (Osborne) and the rest of the Tories.” (2005). “Tell the House of Lords to go to Hell” (the 2004 fox-hunting debate) and, my personal favourite, during Roy Jenkins’ farewell speech (of “leaving the party without rancour”);

“I thought you were taking Marquand with you!” 

Utter genius.  Dennis!  Dennis!  Dennis!


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