Good column today in the Herald, following on from the Panorama episode last night.  The excellent Stephen Fry documentary about bipolar disorder sprang to mind.  Giving kids medication to control hyperactivity, but letting them wash it down with Coca Cola?  Beggars belief.  Seems to me that some parents would rather medicate their kids and pander to them with distractions such as video games and TV, rather than err…. parent them.  Don’t get me started on fast food, either.  Just a bad battle-plan.  That said, it seemed to me that the kid on the Panorama show was less a victim than an excused-for little cunt; using his “illness”, medication and weak parents, as the reasons for his criminal behaviour.  There were a few examples of him eloquently talking about his situation, in a way that screamed “professional patient”.   AJ Soprano, all over again (no, I do not read The Daily Mail, why do you ask?).  The Legend made a good point (!) that hadn’t occurred to me; the original Panorama broadcast was screened when the likes of Ritalin were being heavily pushed by the pharmaceutical companies.  Now, they’re revisiting the case (and the subject) just before the license for such drugs expires.  Seems like a good time to discredit the wonder-drug, doesn’t it?  That way, they can sell society their new product, ahead of the cheaper, generic, established one.


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