Saturday Straw-Clutching?

In Italy, the number 17 is considered unlucky. Some Alitalia planes have no row 17, some Italian hotels have no room 17 and in Roman numerals XVII is an anagram of VIXI which translates into “I have lived” with the implication “my life is over” or “I am dead”.

Italy play Scotland in a crucial Euro 2008 qualifier at Hampden Park on Saturday, 17 November with kick-off at 1700 GMT – for the record, Italy have won four of their 11 matches played on the 17th of a month in the last 30 years.

Give McFadden the number 17 jersey and get right in about them! Coincidentally, if Paul Hartley plays, he will win his 17th cap. What price a goal, in the 17th minute?

OK, so I am clutching at straws…


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