High Culture (and swearing)

I am utterly fucking speechless at this news.

Just a ridiculous piece of casting, and the description of Iago in the article is simplistic, to say the least. Given that the likes of Olivier and McKellen have played my favourite Shakespearean character in the past (LO played Othello and Iago in 1964 and 1938 respectively), a fact acknowledged in the article, the word sacrilege is perfectly fair.

Is nothing sacred?

Needless to say, adding Obi Wank-Enobi to the cast has resulted in a sell-out run. Are the producers cynical? Yes. Do we deserve this, for ignoring high art and putting up with banality? Most probably. I could go on about this all night.

Coincidentally, McKellen (admittedly, pension plumped up by drivel like the X-Men and Lord of the Rings trilogies), is in King Lear just now. Maybe Ewan should go and see an actor on his night off? The talentless, ginger cunt.


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