Hatton v Mayweather

Finally have the benefit of some kip, so I can discuss this rationally.  Mayweather won going away; he was brilliant, from the fourth round onwards.  Possibly his best performance and it needed to be, because Hatton would’ve gone the distance and caused him difficulty.


The referee decided the fight with his indefensible performance in the first two rounds.  Jim Watt called him “deplorable” and I agree.  He tried to act neutral but he penalised Hatton after five seconds!  Every time the fighters got in close, he broke the action up.  Mayweather was cute with his elbows and ducking and got off scot-free with them, as well as the head punches Hatton was punished for on every ocassion.  The deducted point was a joke, in the context of the fight.  Mayweather’s camp either bribed him, or got in his head with their bullshit.  A real shame, as it deflects from Mayweather’s amazing performance which, in the cold light of day, was deserving of a win.

The ref posing with Floyd for a picture at the end was a disgrace, as well. 


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