The A.F.K.A. The Legend

Quick recap of The Legend‘s recent achievements. The Legend was looking for The Legend‘s glasses the other day when I noticed them spinning around in the washing machine. If that wasn’t worrying enough, there was a greasy looking, yellowish cloud visible, even from the outside. Given The Legend‘s errr… legendary fertility, coming into contact with The Legend‘s ejections was an undesirable option. I summoned The Legend to deal with this (ahem) mess It turned out to be from an individual sachet of butter that The Legend had sneaked out of Wetherspoon’s the previous Monday lunchtime. Funnier still, The Legend was more gutted about missing out on the free butter than ruining The Legend‘s bins. The Legend claims to have fixed The Legend‘s glasses, though The Legend does look a bit more like Jack Duckworth than before. Yes, it has been a slow month for legendary news, hasn’t it?


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