Last night’s fights

Haye comfortably exploited Maccarinelli’s weaknesses in technique by finishing him in the second round.  Enzo gave him a couple of decent shots in the first round, but didn’t look like winning.  The Hayemaker is taking six months off to get himself into shape as a heavyweight and, if he keeps his speed and athleticism, has the power and the ability to be heavyweight champion.  Easily.  Samuel Peter got a heavyweight title last night, and he’s plodding.  The recent Klitschko versus Sultan Ibragimov was such a snooze-fest as well.  I think Haye can be the undisputed champ of that division, just as he is in the cruiserweights, now.  Not a great fight, both men were cagey in the first, wary of the other’s power but, like Calzaghe did against Kessler, Haye clearly beat the second best guy in the division to unify the belts.  Big Mac, like Kessler, will probably get the belts back, now that the men that defeated them both have moved up a division.


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