They’ll say anything…

…why does nobody EVER call them on it?

David Cameron tries to rewrite UK music history.

Still, here’s Weller’s quote (the man who wrote “Eton Rifles”!);

When I mention his residual feelings about the long years of Thatcherism, however, out it all comes. “I think they were absolute fucking scum – especially Thatcher, who I think should be shot as a traitor to the people. I still think that, and nothing will ever change my opinion. We’re still feeling the effects of what they did to the country now, and probably always will: the whole breakdown of communities, trade unions, the working class – the dismantling of lots of things.” 

I suppose it’s up to the songwriter to put the important things succinctly, isn’t it?  In all seriousness (and I realise, in the great scheme of things, this may seem excessive), if Cameron ever does claim The Smiths as his own, I will torture and kill him myself.


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