Ian Bell

Ian Bell’s Saturday Essay.

Good stuff, the sly digs at England-shire are always welcome.  For the life of me, I can’t work out why the French voted in that short-arsed right-wing rat.  The right think (rightly) he’s a back-stabber and the left think (rightly) that he’s an overly zealous, reform-obsessed fascist.  Oh, wait.  That’s why Broon likes him.

He has an eye for foxy wives, I’ll give him that.  Maybe a union of sorts with Mme Royal could’ve happened, after all.  Fnarr, fnarr…

It’s also worth searching today’s Herald for the story on JK Rowling’s prison visits to encourage literacy.  Reasonably nice story, but the comments are (on both sides) predictable and hilarious.


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