Saturday’s Boxing

Well, poor Clinton Woods got his arse handed to him by a surprisingly sprightly Antonio Tarver.  Class preformance by Tarver (good skills and unbelieveable accuracy), but I hope Woods can get another payday if he wants (or needs) it.  The crowd started all the “USA!  USA!” chanting near the end.  I hope to fuck Calzaghe stops them from cheering Hopkins next week.

The welterweight division is set up for another massive showdown.  My current favourite fighter, WBA champ Miguel Cotto showed class, power and mercy in demolishing Alfonso Gomez, while Antonio Margarito took the IBF belt convincingly from Kermit Cintron.  These guys want each other badly, and it will be a war.

Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather is mincing around in wrestling unaware that the fight public might not need him as much as he thinks.  He’ll make millions fighting De La Hoya again, but everyone knows he’s ducking Cotto.  Put it this way, Cotto may go on to be the greatest Puerto Rican fighter (they don’t box down there!) of all time.

There, I’ve said it.


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