Latest AFC rumour

We’re meant to be in for out-of-contract Dutch keeper Stefan Postma.  Good, experienced goalie, with Premiership experience.  One slight problem, his former (English) girlfriend tried to sell a sex-tape they’d made together on a well known internet auction site.

The reason for Postma’s embarrassment is the fact that there is footage of them “pegging”.  If you don’t know what “pegging” is, click the link, or Google it.  Just not at work.

Think of Janice and Ralph’s tender love scene in The Sopranos.  Personally, I think he can do what he likes, as long as he doesn’t bottle it in big games.  Jokes about “handling a semi” have already been made and are not required.  Besides, a guy who invites that sort of behaviour isn’t going to be scared to come out for a cross, is he?

He’s probably heard all the chants, by now, as well…


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