Latest on The Legend

The Legend is off tomorrow for his summer sojourn with Piglet and Piglet‘s mum and Piglet‘s sister.  They were due to go to Florida but a crooked postmistress ran off with the money and didn’t process the kid’s passport application. Seriously.

So, they’re off to a cottage near Inverness.  I kid you not.

Anyway, we went out for a pint and a bar supper last night and The Legend dismantled a lovely, substantial, multi-cheese pizza.  On the way home, The Legend expressed concern about the amount of cheese The Legend consumed.  Finally, thought I, The Legend is taking interest in The Legend‘s cardiac health!  Not so.

“It’s the goat’s cheese, man.”

“How so, The Legend?”  I asked.

“My jizz will taste of goat’s cheese for ages!”

Needless to say, The Legend was concerned on how this would affect The Legend‘s chances of… you can probably work it out for yourselves.

Please note, The Legend is employed by our government as a health professional.


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