Alcohol + eBay = cautionary tale

Well, the title pretty much gives this one away.  A lovely G*l*-D*y-avoiding barbeque at the home of Mr and Mrs Facts (for it is they!) resulted in much wine being thrown down the neck (at least by my good self).  Worry not, dear reader(s)!  For it was done so at a hangover-avoiding pace, over a number of hours.  I was working on the Sunday and, combined with my late night at Radiohead on Friday, I wished to avoid any sort of suffering.  As a result I remained sociable and lucid throughout, as well as in control.

Or so I thought…

Next day, bored out of my mind at work, I decided to browse the well known auction site.  Logging in, I was shocked to find I was bidding on three items.  I had no memory of this and concluded I must have gone online in a state of inebriation.  the items were as follows;

One pair of adidas gazelles, size 11 (nice, it must be said),

One harrington jacket, by One True Saxon (again, very smart) and

One Roman Centurion’s Helmet…

Don’t ask, for I don’t know.  Perhaps I thought it would round off the outfit?  Fortunately, I didn’t win any of the items so my dignity (as well as my pitiful bank balance) remains just about intact.

Don’t go on eBay when you’re drunk, kids!


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