Bloody Redskins!

Washington Redskins kicker Shaun Suisham kicks a 110 yard field goal. Obviously, as a Skins fan, I’d like to believe this was true.  It quite clearly isn’t.  Last year the guy missed 6 of his 35 field goal attempts and 1 of his 30 PAT attempts.

Obviously, in game situations, it’s not all down to the kicker, and the video shows him kicking a stationary, unsnapped ball.  His struggles seem to be between 30 and 55 yard attempts, like most kickers, if a little worrying in the 30-39 yard range.  Still, he’s young, so there’s room for improvement, hopefully the new offense will take some pressure off him by scoring more touchdowns.

There is no way a professional athlete would be allowed to risk a strained hamstring practicing something ridiculous that’ll never be required of him in a game!  Bah!  Oh, and Washington was forced to draft a punter (!) because our own last year was so poor.

So, to re-cap, last year Washington couldn’t score touchdowns, struggled with injuries on both lines, got next to nothing from their “skill” position players (some were injured), the defence was old and short staffed, and their star player was shot dead halfway through a season played in the toughest division in the NFL (no teams with losing records, the team with the best record in the conference and the eventual Superbowl winners), but they still made the playoffs.

I don’t know whether to be optimistic or pessemistic.  Oh, and we have a rookie head coach, too.  No wonder I have no hair.


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