The Legend!

The Legend was just watching one of those annoying soap opera-style BT adverts. The Legend has the said BT broadband package and, always with one eye on a freebie, wondered if the Blackberry the character uses in the advert was part of the package, a part that he did not have.

In all seriousness, The Legend then turned to me and asked;

“Do you think they would offer me a free blueberry?”

What, I asked The Legend?

“You know, those hand-held organisers?  Blueberries!”

The Legend, in response to my fits of laughter, is no longer talking to me.

It’s lucky The Legend isn’t intending on buying any electronic blueberries soon.

He may end up leaving the shop with muffin…


One Response to “The Legend!”

  1. So funny x

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