AFC Season 2008/09

Looks like our first choice eleven next year will be (in a 4-4-2);

GK – Jamie Langfield

RB – Richard Foster

CB – Zander Diamond

CB – Scott Severin

LB – Charlie Mulgrew

RM – Jeffrey De Visscher

CM – Gary MacDonald

CM – Mark Kerr

LM – Jamie Smith

ST – Tommy Wright

ST – Lee Miller

A good enough team to finish third and maybe do something in the cups.  The squad, while still thin to the point of anorexic, has decent cover (decent squad players, previously first choices in a poorer Dons side).  Alan Maybury still hasn’t taken an offer from anyone else,  He can play either full back slot, freeing Foster or Mulgrew to play on the wing.  maybury would also add bite that is missing from the two, attack-minded full backs, who also could do with more defensive cover in front of them than De Visscher and Smith would provide.

I’d still like Sone Aluko back, to play on the left or as a striker, something I expect a fit (fingers crossed) Jamie Smith will do.  Doubtless, the tactical tombola will be in full swing and we’ll see various formations, but things are looking not bad just now.  The weakness outlined above may be compensated for by seeing the likes of Stuart Duff and Derek Young playing narrow on either side of midfield, covering Foster and Mulgrew’s runs forward.  An experienced centre-half (think Rob Jones at Hibs, or Darren Dodds at the Jutes, neither world-beaters, but provide stability) would be nice, plus a left-sided attacker (Alan Gow?) please!


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