Another sad loss

Alexander Solzhenitsyn dies at age 89.

Hard going work, but worth it.  I’m working on a reading list for you, dear readers, and Solzhenitsyn will probably be on it.  The Gulag Archipelago is one of the most devastating political works you could ever hope to read.  No doubting the man was an arsehole,though…

On a related note, Journey to the End of the Night, by Louis-Ferdinand Celine will also be on the list and I am shocked to report that none other than The Legend has a copy of this on his bookshelf!  I doubt he’s read it yet, to be honest.  I loaned him Notes from the Underground, by the peerless Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and its still on his bedside table, open at page four.  Several months later.  Bear in mind, The Legend once watched Transformers, The Movie twice in one day, possibly to understand the subtleties of the plot better?


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