John McCain

Articles on John McCain in Vietnam / political aspirations;

McCain’s fellow POW on their experiences.

Michael Moore on McCain’s war crimes.

Added to his “Bomb Iran” performance and his repeated inability to understand that the Czech Republic is not Czechoslovakia, never mind that it’s no longer even part of Czechoslovakia – as that country no longer exists – I’m forced to ask one question.

Why should this man be allowed to be the US Commander in Chief?

The sad thing is that the most likely reason for him not being elected President is that a swathe of right-wing nut-jobs in the US think he’s a lefty-maverick!  Truly, the world is fucked.

I still think his Chelsea Clinton joke is funny, mind… Maybe we could put him in a nursing home, visit him once a month or so and have a laugh, free from political correctness and public scrutiny?


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