Obama’s speech…

…was quite impressive, but I can’t shake the fact that he looks like this guy (admittedly, an all-time hero of mine, and with a very Presidential name).   The other thing was, his strange voice (another Muppet parallel?) allows him to be very slick, without seeming quite so contrived.  Let’s not kid ourselves, this guy’s whole act is as contrived as any Republican’s.  his choice of running mate stinks of cynicism.

Given that his campaign manager used to write for The West Wing, I suppose the Jed Bartlett / Matthew Santos vibe is intentional.  What’s more worrying is the fact he seems (at least to me) to be looking forward to his first assassination attempt?  I hate the whole “man of destiny” thing as it usually involves a lack of thought for regular people (see the current incumbent’s Christian / war-monger dichotomy, for example).

He has some charisma, but the think about Obama that stands out for me, is how little charisma is required to stand out from all other politicians.

I’d nail his wife, though.  Until the neighbours complained about the smell…


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