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Ian Bell’s Saturday Essay

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Good stuff on the US election and the credit crunch.


Ian Bell

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Bell on Broon and his speech.

The Legend contines to grow…

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I rented the old BBC version of the Hitchhiker’s Guide.  Pleased to say that it remains as good as ever, despite the 1981 special effects.  Was watching the penultimate episode (the restaurant) when the late, great Dave Prowse made his cameo appearance.  Delighted, I shouted to The Legend;”You see who that is?

The look of bewilderment on The Legend‘s face was quite touching, so I decided not to take the piss.  “It’s Darth Vader, man!”  A few seconds later, The Legend‘s eyes lit up and The Legend uttered the immortal words;

Oh, aye.  Peter Powell!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Legend!

Classic Legend (new material!)

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I made the mistake of asking The Legend how his day was (look, I had been writing all day – I needed something approaching human contact).  As per usual, the response was an entertaining, if wearying, brew of accusations, complaints, exaggeration and potential libel.  The specifics of this were about how NHS consultants kept fannying around, causing The Legend to miss the last call for the courier service.  For those of you who don’t know The Legend (ahem) “intimately”, please note that The Legend currently works for the drug and alcohol team.

You can probably guess where this is going.  If not, be grateful that you can quit reading this blog now and carry on living a more innocent, unviolated life.  Like I used to.

Biting my lip and deciding not to mention the irony of The Legend offering anyone advice on addiction or general health, I merely moved the conversation along to The Legend‘s point.  Without breaking any ethical code or confidentiality, you should know that the doctor’s poor time management skills meant The Legend was unable to, as stated earlier, finish his duties on time today and see the courier before he or she left on the last run of the day.  The result of this?

There’s a recovering heroin addict’s urine sample in our fridge.

Where I usually keep things like, you know, food?

Fear not, dear reader(s)!  The Legend has assured me that there is no problem, for the following four reasons;

1 – It will be removed in the morning.

2 – It is vacuum sealed.

3 – Urine is sterile (I remain in the “yuck” camp on this).

4 – “The vegetable box never gets used, anyway!”

Aye, maybe not by you, pal.  I guess this is all just another reason why The Legend is The Legend.

The End

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The greatest TV show of all time just finished.

Watch the repeats, every chance you get.

In fact, just buy the DVDs.

That is all.

Doug Stanhope strikes again!

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Doug first to insult Sarah Palin.

This is from a show in Oslo, the week after we saw him.

That’s a Reggie White Packers jersey, if you were wondering.

Here’s the link to his blog on Palin’s daughter.


Amid the doom and gloom

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Good grief, Aberdeen were shite.  The Setanta package looks like less value every time they show those useless bar-stewards.  I had to put up with the banter from this pikey twat at work yesterday.  Pikey being the operative word, he never washes his hands after using the bog.   In truth, Yinitit were just as bad as us.

Anyway, read this great article from the Sunday Herald and try and guess who columnist Michael Grant supports.  I’m warning you, it’s a toughie!