Ian Bell on Marx! Topical!

Good article on capitalism.

It’s always confused me, the idea of the market policing itself.  I don’t see it and, besides, it is driven by people, institutions and mechanisms that seek to take advantage and cheat to get ahead.  There was another story on the news the other day about a rain forest conservation-through-capitalism.  All very heart-warming but, surely if it’s such an investment, the market wouldn’t have been as short-sighted to knock it all down for cattle grazing?  Essentially, capitalism is shite, so well said Ian Bell.

As an aside, when Northern Rock went tits-up, why didn’t the government let “the market” right itself?  If they had to intervene, why not use the taxpayer money to clear the mortgages of the customers, rather than compensate the shareholders?  Wouldn’t that have stimulated the economy?  Wouldn’t that have been a massive vote winner for Beleagured Broon?  Fuck capitalism.


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