Mark Thomas

Brilliant gig on Monday night.  The first half was about issues of censorship and the evils of big business (mostly as a device to hawk Mark’s new book on the Coca Cola corporation).  The irony was not lost on the man himself who redeemed himself with some filthy jokes; his father’s advice to “never muff-dive before breakfast, son” being a highlight.  The story of the Mexican co-operative invading the government offices for six months (eventually being offered passes by security!) was very heartening, as was the performance artist and his Kirk Douglas impression.  He always goes on too long, resulting in the best part of two hours entertainment.

After the interval, the talk was about his protests against various (ahem!) causes in Parliament Square and the idiocy of the anti-protest legislation that may be about to be repealed.  Strike another one up for the workers.  See the man, he is a legend.  His website is here.

I must’ve been inspired as, before the gig, I gave away the two spare tickets I was left with to two random civilians, who insisted on buying me a drink.  I’m basically some kind of bald Jesus.  The Legend, despite a tantrum over how he hasn’t been to the gym in weeks because ten quid a month is too much (and he’s got kids, dontcha know), spent six quid on a Mark Thomas tea-towel.  Seriously.  The Legend needed it because The Legend spent the evening sweating like the McCanns in a Portuguese interview room.


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