Why yes! I have been drinking…

Time for another rant about how the world is all wrong.  I love the Jesus and Mary Chain.  Scotland’s greatest band and as miserable as can be (which I like in my fellow, tortured artists).  At least they always kept their credibilty.  Until this.  Argh!  Perfume adverts!  Jesus Fucking Christ!  Apparently, nothing is sacred.  One of my favourite songs ever (and a rip off of the drum beat from another all-time classic).

They’ve all done it.  Bob Dylan’s “The Times, They Are A Changin'” was bought for a bank advert, I note the strategic cutting of the third verse for the ad.  Even The Clash were on a Levis advert.  “Rock N’ Roll”, my arse.  to quote the sadly departed prophet;

“If you do a commercial, you are immediately and permanently off the artistic register.  I don’t care if you shit out Mona Lisas on queue, you are a schill, a whore at the corporate gang-bang.  Everything you say or do will be treated with suspicion.”

Yeah, maybe I take it all too seriously.  Then again, maybe I’m the only true rock n’ roller on the planet.  Not bad for a man who couldn’t strum a chord if his life depended on it.  Anyway, that’s why I was so pleased to read this story. Well done, that man!  It is your duty to go out and buy a Tom Waits album, on general principle.  Go do it.  Do it now!


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