About last night…

Good God, shame on all of the losers who declined the offer to join The Legend and I and see the world’s greatest live band last night.  Support band Athlete were so average and dull I won’t even link to them.  At least I know where Gala (ahem!) “legends” Centrix get their inspiration from.  The Legend accepted a pint from a wasted guy in, how can I put this?, casual attire. That’s The Legend, folks, willing to be drugged by complete strangers, then drive home.

Booth and Gott appeared at the back of the arena and worked their way through the crowd, doing Lose Control acoustically.  Oh, there must’ve been some dust in my eye.  Waltzing Along rocked, as did Oh My Heart (from the new album) before another blistering run through Ring The Bells.  By the end of it, the druggie nutter’s equally druggie nutter mate was hugging me, crying and calling me “big man.”

It must be said, there were a lot of fucking munters there.  Not that I was looking for owt, of course…

Whiteboy, I Know What I’m Here For and Gold Mother left me a gibbering wreck before Booth introduced “a very old song” and I became the one loser who worked out it was Stutter and automatically shouted it out.  A new song, Porcupine sounded pretty good, despite the fact the band haven’t finished writing it yet.  Not knowing the words gave my already wrecked throat a rest, just in time for I Wanna Go Home which is so completely different live, I can’t explain it.

Slightly rested,  Out To Get You finished me (and several thousand other people) off.  I may, or may not have sex-weed myself by that point.

The Legend was so excited, he had given himself jogger’s nipple, despite not moving around much.  Mmmm, chafeage!

Lullaby got the dust in the eyes again.  Sniff.  Upside finished us off in a heaving throng of greetin’-faced blokes that don’t normally get caught like that, especially in public places.  Hey Ma was joyous, despite being about dead folk and Getting Away With It (All Messed Up) began the build up to the amazing (oo-er) climax.

Born Of Frustration was the best I’ve ever heard it.  That’s saying something.  Sit Down got the crowd going (even me, and I’m sick of it) before Sound blew the shite out of the entire building.

An encore was inevitable.  Say Something, Sometimes (complete with impromptu singalong by the crowd) and Laid.  Fucking Hell!

Then they were gone.  The Legend and me are going to Manchester on Saturday for more.  Still the best live band in the universe.  Here’s a gig review from an even bigger James nerd than me.

Read the setlist again, then think of the songs they didn’t play.  Fucking Hell.

If you missed it?  Nae luck, fuckers…


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