Ian Bell

Bell on the banking crisis.

Interesting stuff, as ever. As I’m typing this, I’m listening to the Parliamentary debate. One thing springs to my mind – Cameron is going to lose the next election. The petulant little prick has been reduced to stamping his feet for an election (before he loses even more ground?) and throwing personal insults. Incidentally, why is he allowed to get away with such behaviour in Parliament? Why do the media never comment on this?

Maybe he knows what will happen if he loses an election from 20 points up, in the midst of the worst recession in decades?

Brown has continued the process of destroying a credible left-wing alternative in UK politics (following on from his war-criminal predecessor) and he seems to still be up to his neck, but who do you think is better equipped to get us out of this mess? Add in the fact that even the public knows the recession isn’t all New Labour’s fault?

Good. Because we are all royally fucked if that smacked-arse and his toff cronies get in. There’ll be nothing left.

EDIT – Dennis Skinner has just stuck the boot into the Tories. Good lad.


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