The Good, the Bad, the Ugly…

The good; fantastic and deserved win over the taigs. We got stuck in, passed the ball well and won going away, despite the referee’s best efforts.

The bad; terrible performance against the minks. The Traitor, like all managers of diddy teams visiting Pittodrie, played for 0-0 and got it. Had we played anything like last Sunday’s performance, we could have embarrassed them.

The ugly; John Fleck, R*ng*rs teenage “striking sensation” and nephew of known heart-throb (he put the “hun” in “hunk”) Robert. I’ll leave to regular AFC correspondent 57 Vintage (a radge fi Keith who may, or may not be Blin Lemon, author of the greatest book ever written);

“I see he’s inherited his uncle’s film star looks (think John Hurt in “The Elephant Man” or the cuddy in “Blazing Saddles”).

Like Sophie Ellis-Bextor after a week-long application o’ leeches.

In conclusion, he looks like a hun.”



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